Our Focus

The Foreign Language curriculum focuses on creating proficient speakers and readers in the target language. In the teaching of foreign languages, instructors promote the traditions, history and literature of the target language to create in students an appreciation for other cultures. In both modern and ancient languages, the four tenants of foreign language teaching are employed:  reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In 7th and 8th grade, all students are required to take Intro to Latin and Latin I as an introduction to language learning.  We teach students to understand the structure of language and universal grammatical verbiage. Students have a basic understanding of inflected language learning in terms of grammar and syntax. After 8th grade, the students may choose to continue in Latin or begin French or Spanish. 

The primary goal of the Latin curriculum is to teach students the Latin grammar necessary for reading, comprehending, and translating Latin literature. The far-reaching goal is to prepare the students for learning multiple languages once they have finished their education at Bishop Seabury.  The courses focus on reading Latin, recognizing grammatical constructions, and building core vocabulary.  Students are taught Latin grammar along with English grammar. Etymology and derivatives are essential components of Latin learning. Students also are taught Latin composition on all levels from Intro through Latin III. 

The goal of the modern languages is to create fluent speakers who are able to participate in conversation/interaction with native speakers.  Additionally, students will be able to read newspapers, magazines, or other media in French or Spanish. They will learn the differences between American culture and French or Spanish culture and gain an appreciation for both cultures.  The far-reaching goal of the modern languages is to create bilingual speakers and thinkers who will continue to learn and to speak French or Spanish as part of their everyday lives.  Also, the hope is that the students will travel, study, or live in countries whose native language is French or Spanish. 

Intro to Latin (7)
Latin I (8)
Latin II (9)
Latin III (10)
Latin IV (Honors) (11)
Latin V (Honors) (12)
French I (9)
French II (10)
French III/French III (Honors) (11)
French IV (Honors) (12)
Spanish I (9)
Spanish II (10)
Spanish III/Spanish III (Honors) (11)
Spanish IV (Honors) (12)