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Bishop Seabury Academy has six main departments, including Creative Arts, English, Languages, Math, Science, and Social Studies, in addition to Physical Education classes and a variety of electives.  While it is rare for more than one teacher to teach a certain course, the faculty collaborates in department meetings, working closely to develop a curriculum that progresses logically and effectively.
Each Middle School student takes English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, and CHAD, which includes one quarter each of Computers, Health (sixth grade students take Mythology instead), Art, and Drama.  Seventh and eighth grade students also take Latin.  While Upper School students continue to take the same core subjects every year, their options increase as they progress from ninth to twelfth grade.  As ninth graders, they select from French, Spanish, and Latin for the three-year Language requirement.  They also can choose from a variety of electives to fulfill their four-year elective requirement, two of which need to be Arts electives.  As seniors, all students take Philosophy and Ethics.  Seniors also can choose between taking a fourth year of Language or International Politics and United States Government, and they can choose to fulfill their fourth year Science requirement with a variety of one-semester electives.