From Dr. Schawang

Welcome to Bishop Seabury Academy!
On most mornings during the school year, I stand in front of our school and greet students, wave to parents, slap backpacks jovially, and occasionally remind a student to tuck in a shirt. I enjoy making the personal connection with each of these young people and seeing every smile, and I am reminded why we have all chosen Bishop Seabury Academy. We believe profoundly in education and community.
Bishop Seabury Academy is a college preparatory school for grades 6-12, but we are more than that. We are ambitious for our students and believe that all young people have a right to expect an excellent education in a safe environment—where curiosity and intelligence are qualities to be admired. Our school is for students who are serious about education and want to explore their potential, whether they are in the classroom, on the field, or on stage.
Our inspired, committed teachers bring to their classes a real passion for learning, and we engage each student as an individual, complicated human being. We promote critical thinking and creativity in all areas. Our classes are rich with discussion and students are required to be active participants in their education and in their lives. In this way, our students develop into confident, engaged, and exuberant people who can adapt to diverse learning environments and challenges.
When I first visited Bishop Seabury Academy, I was impressed by the unique culture of the school and the strong character and inclusive nature of our student body. Today, I am grateful to find that this culture endures and continues to impress our visitors and new parents. 
In all, Bishop Seabury Academy is an exciting place for young people to discover their greatness and to follow their bliss. We hope you will come and discover what our school can do for your child.

Dr. Don M. Schawang
Head of School