IExP for grades 9-12

The Independent Exploration Program (IExP) is an exciting opportunity for motivated students who wish to go beyond their standard classwork and pursue a topic of great interest to them. Students will develop an individualized co-curricular experience that includes focused coursework in a specific discipline, ongoing mentorship with an expert in the relevant field, off-campus research, and project-based learning.

The program is open to all BSA Upper School students as early as 9th grade, and each plan will be tailored by the student to meet that individual’s interests and specific goals. Potential IExP projects could involve business, medicine, environmental science/activism, technology, engineering, public policy, historical research, writing, drama, music, language studies, and other topics that school administrators might be willing to approve based on the student’s proposal.

Candidates will develop a personalized track of study, complete an IExP proposal, and submit it to the IExP Director for review. Once the proposal is approved, the Director will work with the student to find a mentor and will identify learning resources within and outside of the Seabury community. A capstone project at the end of the track will provide an opportunity for the scholar to synthesize their extended study and experience.

IExP students will have the benefit of using their independent study and capstone projects in their college application process and will receive special recognition on their official school transcript. These students will also come away from the IExP process with invaluable personal experience.
To apply, please contact Matt Patterson, Director of College Counseling
Independent Explorations Program Guidelines