Mission, Vision & Values

Bishop Seabury Academy offers a college-preparatory education in a diverse and enthusiastic learning community, promoting academic excellence and moral development while empowering students to explore their potential and to become engaged citizens of the world. 
Bishop Seabury Academy will educate, inspire, and empower confident individuals who are ethical leaders, socially-engaged citizens, and innovative problem solvers, working to create a more equitable global community. 
Academic Excellence
Our rigorous curriculum, grounded in the arts, humanities, mathematics, and sciences, encourages students to develop their potential and a global outlook.  Emphasis on critical thinking and a deliberate habit of inquiry prepares students for college and a meaningful life.
Students feel safe, known, and valued in a diverse school community whose culture and traditions intentionally support relationships inside and outside the classroom.  Equity and justice are central to a community that reinforces the dignity of every human being.
Character Development
Good character is demonstrated through kindness and respect for others, personal responsibility, resilience, and integrity.  Moral development and ethical awareness are essential to a flourishing human life.
Personal Exploration
In a supportive environment, students explore their potential through the pursuit of academic, artistic, athletic, and service opportunities, developing confidence about who they are.
As an Episcopal school, Bishop Seabury Academy values the inherent dignity of every person and promotes ethical inquiry, equity and justice, prayer, service, and fellowship within a safe and diverse community. Our Episcopal identity is realized in curriculum, programs, and traditions that help every student set the foundations for a meaningful life.