Policies, Procedures and Standards of Conduct

The Community Handbook is updated and published each year by Bishop Seabury Academy. It is the Academy’s official notification of its policies, procedures and standards of conduct applicable to students. Each student is responsible for knowledge of the policies, procedures and standards of conduct described in this handbook. However, provisions of this handbook do not constitute a contract between a student (or his/her parents or legal guardians) and Bishop Seabury Academy. In addition, the Academy reserves the right to change any of the policies, procedures and standards of conduct at any time as may be necessary in the interest of the Academy.  If a material revision to a policy, procedure or standard of conduct is made and becomes effective during the academic year, students will be notified of such and will be expected to abide by the updated terms. Questions regarding this handbook should be directed to the Dean of Students.
The policies contained in this handbook will govern in situations where an outdated or otherwise inconsistent policy covering the same subject matter is in circulation. 
2023-2024 Community Handbook